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Peering Policy

NELLICUS, LLC maintains an open peering policy. If you want to peer with us, we will peer with you. To get started, please send an email to and include your ASN, and the facility you'd like to peer at.
In addition to sites with our physical presence, we are able to peer over the DACS-IX fabric.


  • Operate an autonomous system using a RIR allocated ASN.
  • Peers must keep IRR and registry data up to date at all times.
  • Peers must have a complete and current PeeringDB entry.
  • Peers shall only export their own and downstream network prefixes to us.
  • Peers are required to employ RPKI signing of their advertised prefixes.

As an Educational/Research network, there may be brief periods of instability due to experimentation. We strive to maintain uptime, no guarantees are provided for availability. Policy and peering availability is subject to change without notice.